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Written by Helen van Raaij

Image by: conjurerskitchen

The Conjurer's Kitchen

...Because, as the name already suggests: where are things better made than in the kitchen?Annabel de Vetten (Annabel Lecter) must have had the same thought. In 2011, she opened  “The Conjurer’s Kitchen” in the UK, where up until today she creates cakes. 

Started as a taxidermist, a sculptor and a successful fine art painter, she decided to do a chocolate project and from there moved to cakes. Never thought of it being this successful she decorated some cakes for a wedding, and the pictures went viral.  

Because of the popularity she soon had to expand her kitchen with professional equipment an colleagues. Altogether, it takes Annabel approximately 24-36 hours to finish a cake. If you have a favorite part of the human body you've always wanted to eat, just ask Annabel.

Visit her website to see more of her work.

Image by: conjurerskitchen

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