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Written by Helen van Raaij

Diego Max
Image by: Diego Max

Retro anatomy collages by Diego Max

Diego Max is a Brazilian artist, graphic designer and illustrator. His unique use of details, bright colours and the combination between human anatomy and animals leads to stunning collages.

His inspiration comes from his mom and sister, who both have an background in medicine, and from his love for antique prints and retro features. The anatomical features Diego uses most frequent are: human heads, brains, bodies and faces. These are combined with animals like fish, birds and butterflies. 

His love for retro and antiques can be found in the bright colours, machines and old handwriting in the background.

For a look inside Diego his portfolio you can visit his website.

Diego Max
Image by: Diego Max

Tags: Anatomy & Art, illustrator, Diego Max, Collages, Retro

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