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Written by Helen van Raaij

Dan Cretu
Image by: Dan Cretu

Anatomy of fruits and vegetables

Dan Cretu is a food-artist and photographer, based in Bucharest. He blends fruits and vegetables with anatomy in his self called “eco art”. Eco art is “a niche that manages to assemble Dan’s assiduous attention to detail developed during his church restoration period with his love of nature, passion for photography and conceptual thinking acquired while working in advertising”.

After a long time of being a photographer, Dan chose to create his own subject to capture, instead of searching for hours for the perfect photograph or scene that fit his ideas. Following his first food creations he quickly developed his skills. One of his series is his ”Anatomy of fruits and vegetables”, in which he uses watermelons, cucumbers, eggplants and cantaloupes to create a muscular chest, arms and legs.

Dan Cretu about his art: “I have the privilege to work with perfect materials and I am very happy with my supplier – Mother Nature. However, sculpting materials that are 90% made of water is a challenge everytime. I don’t rely on post production. I only use it to erase traces of pins and to add background”

For more of his work you can visit his website and Tumblr page.

Dan Cretu
Image by: Dan Cretu

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