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Written by Helen van Raaij

Valerio Carrubba
Image by: Valerio Carrubba

Anatomy with a melodramatic feel, by Valerio Carrubba

Valerio Carrubba is a painter, whose work is anatomically correct. He likes to create a melodramatic kind of mood in his paintings. Valerio is, unlike many other artists that have been featured here, not interested in the anatomy itself, but rather uses it as a tool to create a reference to “the theoretical structure of the work and ideal instrument of its praxis”.  

Oil paint and brushes are the only tools he uses when painting, starting by spraying a few layers of primer and acrylic pigment. He never sprays the borders to enhance the contrast between the details.

The names of his paintings are so called palindromes. Palindromes are words that read the same forwards and backwards. For example, the painting shown below is called “So Many Dynamos”. When you read this backwards, it says: "so many DynaMoS".

Want to know more about Valerio's work? You can read an interview with him here!

Valerio Carrubba
Image by: Valerio Carrubba

Tags: anatomy, Valerio Carrubba, Hyperrealistic, oil painter, palindromes

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