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Written by Helen van Raaij

Jeremy Young
Image by: Jeremy Young

Vector illustrations of the human form, by Jeremy Young

Jeremy Young is a young artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. He currently works as a freelance artist for clients all across the world. Even though he really loves colors his “Anatomy” series is completely black and withe, made with Photoshop and consists of approximately 800 layers.

It usually takes him a month or less to completely finish a piece, depending on deadlines he has, or the number of pieces he is working on. Inspired by other artists, people and different cultures, he almost always ends up with colorful portraits.  

As Jeremy says himself, "“Anatomy” is a set of two vector illustrations showing the human form"

For more of his work you can visit his Instagram and Behance

Jeremy Young
Image by: Jeremy Young

Tags: Illustration, Anatomy & Art, Photoshop, Jeremy Young , Vector illustrations

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