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Written by Helen van Raaij

Juuke Schoorl
Image by: Juuke Schoorl

Exploring the skin's adaptive capacities with Juuke Schoorl

Most of Juuke's work is based on a hands-on principle, as she likes to highlight small things other people don’t even notice or have stopped noticing. She says about her art:

The challenge for me as an artist is to translate the things around us that we take for granted into something visually new and exciting”

At first sight, one is wondering what “malfunction” the skin has, only to realize later on it is no malfunction. As our digital world give us the possibilities to “enhance” our bodies, by photo shopping our flaws away, she hopes to “challenge people’s perspectives to emphasize the beauty that’s all around us”.

Want to see the rest of her “Rek” series or more of her art revolving around the human body? You can visit her website here!

Juuke Schoorl
Image by: Juuke Schoorl

Tags: Adaptation, Anatomy & Art, Stretch, Skin

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