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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Chuan-Bin Chung
Image by: Chuan-Bin Chung

Impermanent anatomy by Chuan-Bin Chung

This Taiwanese teacher doesn’t teach from textbooks, as he stated in an interview with Bored Panda: “We don’t read it, we draw it.” This way, he encourages his students to understand the complicated details of the human body. In most of his classes, students have to follow his lead and draw what he is demonstrating on the chalkboard: anatomical masterpieces.

Chuan-Bin Chung’s teaching subject? Illustration, Anatomy of Arts and Painting Skill at the Department of Visual Communication Design of Shu-Te University in Taiwan.

These impermanent educational drawings are not just quick sketches on a chalkboard, but colourful and exacting depictions of bones, muscles and tendons.

Chuan-Bin Chung shares a lot of videos and sketches of his classes on YouTube and Facebook, if you want to explore more of his work.

Chuan-Bin Chung
Image by: Chuan-Bin Chung

Tags: Illustration, Anatomy & Art, Anatomical drawings , Visual Communication Design

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