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Written by Helen van Raaij

Joseph ventura
Image by: Joseph ventura

Anatomical illustrations by Joseph Ventura

Joseph (Joe) Ventura started to work with 3D models in 1996 to create medical images for a different project. During the creation of these images, he discovered he has an eye for colors and shapes. Joe has made over a thousand images ever since, many of which have been used in videos, for book illustrations and for medical posters.

Inspired by medicine, most of his work contains features of the human body, especially the human skeleton. The use of many different colors gives each image an unique look. Joe has created several software filters in order to give, when wanted, his images the effect of oil on canvas. A fun fact about him: He always prints his work to ensure the printed version is just as good as the original!

Joe has different series: Dental, Lumbar, Skeleton, Martial arts, Thoracic, Atlas, Hands, Spine and Nervous system. Each series varies between 4-176 images.

For more of his work you can visit this website or his Facebook page.

Joseph ventura
Image by: Joseph ventura

Tags: Anatomy & Art, Canvas , Digital , Anatomical illustrations

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