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Written by Helen van Raaij

Joon Lee/ CG Toki
Image by: Joon Lee/ CG Toki

Anatomy by Joon Lee

Joon Lee, also known as CG Toki, is a digital illustrator who specializes in various types of digital images, animations and TV advertisements. He has worked as a freelance artist in several studios, most of the time in the New York City area. His work has been featured many times on websites and in articles.  

Cell biology, medical devices, neuroscience, cardiomyopathy, hepatic cirrhosis and diabetes mellitus are just a few of his wide range of medical topics. His most featured work is  “Anatomy Noir”, a detailed posterior view of the pharynx made in 2014.

Even though Joon has been around as an artist for over 11 years, there is only little information about him!

For more of his work you can visit his website or Behance!

Joon Lee/ CG Toki
Image by: Joon Lee/ CG Toki

Tags: Anatomy & Art, Digital Artwork, Pharynx

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