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Written by Helen van Raaij

Bryan Christie Design
Image by: Bryan Christie Design

Medical and anatomical graphics by Bryan Christie Design

Bryan Christie Design, LLC is a company creating visualizations, illustrations and animations in a broad range of topics, but specializes in medical, anatomical and architectural illustration. Bryan Christie started "Bryan Christie Design" in 2002 and soon Joe Lertola (information graphics director) and Jeong Suh (lead artist) joined him.

Bryan Christie Design creates illustrations as mentioned above, that are subdivided in 10 different categories, being: Human Anatomy, Biology, Architecture, Infographics, Maps, Covers, Conceptual, Technology, Typography and With Photography.

Most of the work is made with 3-D software to create a realistic image.

For the medical portfolio of Bryan Christie Design, click this link or just visit their website!

Bryan Christie Design
Image by: Bryan Christie Design

Tags: Human anatomy, Anatomy & Art, Medical illustrations , 3-D images

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