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Written by Helen van Raaij

Daniel Martin Diaz
Image by: Daniel Martin Diaz

Mezzanine One: anatomy and philosophy combined in drawings

Arizona-based artist Daniel Martin Diaz and his wife Paula Catherine Valencia created  24 graphite drawings in a series called “Mezzanine One". Intrigued by science, philosophy and anatomy, they decided to draw and not paint the work, due to the believe a paining cannot capture what a drawing can. 

On his website Daniel states:

"Over the past few years, I have become immersed in scientific and philosophical concepts, such as Anatomy, Computer Science, Math, Cosmology, Biology, Quantum Physics, and Consciousness. I have been particularly fascinated with scientific diagrams, which explain theories and properties through imagery. Although these rudimentary images are without any leanings towards aesthetics, I find them to be beautiful, though that is not the intention. All of the projects I have created begin as drawings, which I feel has a beauty and intimacy that painting cannot capture. The subtle lines that graphite creates, and the quickness in which one can capture an idea makes this medium alluring."

Put scientists and philosophers together with all of the inspiration they get from artists who create(d) artwork of 'the complex human spirit', and Mezzanine one was born.

For more of his work you can visit Daniel's website or Instagram!

Daniel Martin Diaz
Image by: Daniel Martin Diaz
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