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Written by Helen van Raaij

Alfonso Elola
Image by: Alfonso Elola

Organic portrait by Alfonso Elola

Alfonso Elola is a concept artist and illustrator.  He describes himself as a:  Realistic, lover of the composition, complexity, spaces full of details, tinged with a powerful light that lets read between the lines a surreal story with notes of triumph”.

Alfonso is currently based in Madrid (Spain) and his latest work, called Organic portrait, currently consists of 11 pieces. The portraits are made with painter and Photoshop.

One takes a look at his works and gets captivated by the use of bright colors and the amount of detail. It takes more than one look to find all the details, and you will never see the exact same thing as you did before.

Faces, skulls and skeletons are the three most-seen elements in his illustrations and seamlessly flow into each other. For Elola “skeletons represent what we really are on the inside, with nothing to hide”.

Want to see more of his work? Visit his website, or his pages on Facebook and Behance!

Alfonso Elola
Image by: Alfonso Elola
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