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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Jack Fisher
Image by: Jack Fisher

This human skeleton is both pencil and painter.


Our bodies consist for about 18% out of carbon, which is quite different from artist Agelio Batle’s artwork "Ash Dancer”. His sculpture consists for the full 100% out of this semimetal material. The life-size graphite skeleton will gradually vanish, like the point of a person-shaped pencil. When its placed on a custom made high-frequency vibrating table, the skeleton’s bones leave marks onto the surface. Creating unique drawings by and of the human figure. As time passes, the ‘Ash Dancer’ leaves more and more of itself behind, slowly eroding the graphite into abstract drawings (“Ash Dances”) and drawing itself to death.

Ash Dancer serves as a metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life. Through it, fact and alchemy intermingle, postulating more metaphysical musings. Is the graphite skeleton a "tool"or "the" sculpture? Are the graphite impressions "drawings" or a "map" of its movement? Who is really drawing and whose hand is at work?” (Jack Fisher Gallery)

Currently Agelio Batle’s piece is part of the exhibition “murmer | tremble” at Jack Fisher Gallery in San Francisco.

Want to discover more of Agelio Batle’s Ash Dancer and other works? visit his website!

Watch video footage of the Ash Dancer in action below:

Jack Fisher
Image by: Jack Fisher
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