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Written by Helen van Raaij

Graziano Locatelli
Image by: Graziano Locatelli

Human figures from behind the walls

Graziano Locatelli, an Italian sculptor, has been around in the artistic world for over a decade. From an early age, he has developed a fascination for all kinds of broken things, which ultimately developed into his artistic vision. Some of his work is more abstract, with only the cracks in the walls while others have a human “breaking” through the wall.

His sculptures are made of cement, tiles, metal plates and glue. When attempting to mix these ingredients together, he “created a copious body of works that revolves around the theme of abandoned places."

A Graziano says himself: "I wonder what meanings and feelings these (once) familiar places arouse in those who lived there. I see them as restless dreams, spaces in ruins inhabited by ghosts that still retain an embryonic life.”   

Graziano Locatelli
Image by: Graziano Locatelli
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