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Art & Design

Written by Helen van Raaij

Yuchi Ikehata
Image by: Yuchi Ikehata

Surreal images of decay of the human body by Yuchi Ikehata

Yuchi Ikehata is a Japanese photographer, who captures sculptures of the decay of the human body.  The sculptures he creates are in 3-D and made with wire paper and clay. Most of his pictures are black and white, because he feels like the picture itself - what can be seen and is expressed - is more important than the use of colors.

His work is split into 2 series. The “Fragment of Long Term Memory” and “An Observer’s Report”:

The Fragment of Long Term Memory looks at the often forgotten and jumbled pieces of everyday life that are reconstructed and pieced together by the artist as surreal images” 

An Observer’s Report is a series depicting a fictitious character who wanders the boundary between truth and fiction

In his artist statement Yuchi Ikehata explains: Many parts of our memories, however, are often forgotten, or difficult to recall. I retrieve those fragmented moments and reconstruct them as surreal images.”


Yuchi Ikehata
Image by: Yuchi Ikehata
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