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Art & Design

Written by Helen van Raaij

Image by: Hongbo

Expandable, bendable and twistable sculptures by Li Hongbo

What if I told you these white sculptures are expandable, bendable and twistable? These sculptures may look like they're solid, but when opened or touched you're about to discover something extraordinary.

It’s time to meet Li Hongbo, a Beijing-based artist who combined his interest with his love for expandable honeycomb structures, and has started to experiment.

Hongbo stacks slides of paper onto each other with glue by hand. For one of his sculptures he used the incredible amount of 20,000 sheets of plain paper from head to toe. Next step in the process is to shape his figure and add details. Most of his sculptures need several months to be completed.   

Sometimes you need to see in order to believe.

Watch a video of Li Hongbo's sculptures "in action" below. For more of his amazing sculptures you can visit his website!

Image by: Hongbo
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