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Art & Design

Written by Helen van Raaij

Image by: ThinkGeek

Coasters with an anatomical twist

Everybody knows them: brown or bright colored coasters. Very useful and - depending on the design - a source for conversation. 

The crew from ThinkGeek decided to do something different and created the “cerebral” and “anatomic heart specimen coasters. 

These are not your everyday coasters, they come printed with slices of either a brain or a heart. The brain series consists of 10, and the heart series of 6 coasters. Stack them in the right order and enjoy an amazing 3-D view of a full brain or heart.

Oh, and one more important thing: they are not dishwasher proof ;)

Want to check out both series of coasters? Over here, you can find the brain and heart specimen coasters!

Image by: ThinkGeek


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