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Art & Design

Written by Ishan Bali

Jessica Burke
Image by: Jessica Burke

Skeletal persona by Jessica Burke

Looking and observing skeletons - being physiotherapists we have all done it, but a novice on the other hand can get scared by them. Looking at these skeletal painting by Jessica Burke however, is an altogether different experience.

This Kansas-born and Southern Georgia-based educator and a figurative artist is the master of giving identity to her normal skeletal paintings in a very unique way just by their attire. This whole idea of illustration might sound a little offset at first, but when you put a little effort in understanding the interest of the artist - exploring various interpretations of identity in popular culture, it gives meaning to every artwork.         

We all are anatomically the same from the inside, and the thing that differentiates us is our appearance and dressing style. But irrespective of appearance, how this difference can be maintained is impeccably illustrated in these pieces of art. 

Want to find out more about Jessica and her other paintings? Visit her website!


Jessica Burke
Image by: Jessica Burke

About the Author
Ishan Bali
Ishan is a Physical Rehabilitation expert with an experience of 9 plus years. After completing MSc in Neuro & Sports Physiotherapy from United Kin...


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