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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Juana Gómez
Image by: Juana Gómez

Human anatomy embroidered onto portraits

Chile base artist Juana Gómez creates illustrations made with complex anatomical embroidery. She embroiders parts, organs and systems of the human body over faded photographs. In her work, Juana focuses on the ways the body connects to nature through common patterns, reflecting her interest in nature, biology and math. Her personal history and heritage is important too, since embroidery has been passed down in her family for three generations.

She told The Creators Project:

We do not only inherit the colour of our eyes. We inherit a rich history. My grandmother taught me how to embroider, and now I work with that inheritance, I repeat patterns so as not to forget, I embroider to continue these memory lines that must not be lost.

You might – as I do – recognise some similarity between anatomy and embroidery; the fine lines and natural flow of the wire are in certain ways quite similar to, for example, our nerve system.

In one of her series, Constructal, Juana Gómez took inspiration from the Constructal law of Physics stated by Professor Adrian Bejan. According to this law, natural design and the Constructal law unite all animate and inanimate systems.

More of Juana Gómez’ work can be discovered on her website!

Juana Gómez
Image by: Juana Gómez

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