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Written by Mies van den Biggelaar

Howard Schatz
Image by: Howard Schatz

The different body types of Olympic athletes

With the Olympic Games behind us and the Paralympic Games that started recently, today's post is about Olympic athletes, in particular their body types. 125 Champion athletes are displayed in New York-based photographer, Howard Schatz’s book (Athlete). 

In his portraits Howard Schatz captured the diversity of body types within Olympic athletes. If you now think of an athletic build body, you probably think of perfect, rippling mass of muscle and a six pack. Howard Schatz’s series will crush that idea. What we often don’t think about is the wide variety of heights, widths, body shaped and muscle mass that can make and athlete, a champion.

Their particular sports, decides the body type of the athletes, all of their bodies are in peak condition, even if they look so different from one another. The shock-absorbing legs of a downhill skier; the slenderness of marathoners; the upper-body power of wrestling champions; all on top of their games, captured in serene portraits.

The series of photographs, mostly featured Olympic champions from the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics. The book was made in collaboration with his wife Beverly Ornstein, an award-winning producer and senior editor.

Want to discover more of Howard Schatz work? Visit his website!

Howard Schatz
Image by: Howard Schatz

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