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Written by Helen van Raaij

Image by: thevisualmd

"The digital age Leonardo da Vinci"

“The digital age Leonardo da Vinci" is the nickname of Alexander Tsiaras. Alexander is a technology innovator, with a science photojournalism background.  

In 1997 Alexander founded “TheVisualMD”, which is an award- winning producer of visually rich health content. Complete human bodies are made with the use of 3-D visualization. All images and videos are based on real human data.

TheVisualMD wants to 

“improve health and vitality by empowering people to visually understand and manage their health” 

with the use of inspiring images from the human body, starting as small as molecular level and building up to complete body images. 

For more inspiring pictures and videos you can visit Alexander's website, the TheVisualMD website and its YouTube channel.

Image by: thevisualmd

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